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the staged and constructed image

In the course of research for a book on the work of Vivan Sundaram, I gave a talk at the Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi on 8 November, 2016, titled “The Staged and Constructed Image.” The subject is part of my ongoing interest in, and work about, a range of topics touched by the paradigm shift from analogue to digital photography. This shift has entailed a vexation of  the “truth effect” of photography, and consequently, of the notion that photography is an art – if not the art – of memory. I have also probed this notion in my projects Verso and Dear Fusia. The moderator was Ravi Aggarwal and the respondent was Prashant Panjiar; the second respondent, Devika Daulet-Singh’s flight from Goa was delayed, so I only met her later at the dinner, but we struck up a good dialogue and she invited me to see her fabulous gallery the next day, Photoink in Delhi (

This is the flyer for the talk:, emphatic gesturing, talk in delhi