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A limited number of texts is published on my Scrib’d page.

Several chapters, papers and essays are published on


  • (forthcoming) ‘Arrested Development: Death in the Family Album,’ in Wide Angle: Photography as Public Practice, ed. Terry Kurgan and Tracy Murinik, Johannesburg: Fourthwall Books.
  • ‘Look, See: Maia Horta’s Little Acts of Voyeurism,‘ in Maia Horta: Paintings, self published, Lisbon.


  • “Matisse’s Startling Late Works: The Cut Outs,” in London Grip, May.
  • ‘The Future-Past: Competing Temporalities of the Ruin,’ in London Grip, April. 
  • ‘Do Arquivo à Instalação, no trabalho de Umrão Singh Sher-Gil e do neto Vivan Sundaram,’ in O Império da Visão: Fotografia no contexto colonialportuguês, ed. Filipa Vicente, Lisbon: Edições 70.
  • (forthcoming) ‘Exposing Mothers,’ in Photography & Culture, either summer or autumn.



  • ‘How Close is Closer: The Work of Dayanita Singh’, in London Grip, November 
  • ‘Minding Matter: Daniel Silver’s Dig in its contemporary context’,