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This was a two-person exhibition curated by Emanuel Cameira, with José Francisco Azevedo, titled Fractions/ Fracções, at Artistas Unidos, Lisbon, 2013.

In the catalogue note, I wrote the following:

Though I have documented my life photographically for very many years, I really began photographing compulsively when I got my first digital camera in 1999 or 2000. I think I now often look at the world as if through a viewfinder, and I look through the viewfinder itself as if I were composing a painting. So these are essentially painterly images of things that, I think, are unpaintable and undrawable. I generally group my photographs into larger or smaller groups of rhyming images, but this present selection moves transversally across such familial groups. My interest is to capture nothing special, but in a particular way. I think what links many of my photographs is a sense of something lost, the coexistence of presence and absence. I am more concerned with capturing the trace of something, the place where something has happened, than the thing itself happening.

The catalogue is available to download as a PDF, or to buy as a softcover book here